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A taste of Spring, a twist on a classic.

Paired with Pét Nat Champalou Vouvray, a nod to Champagne with

the familiar taste of the Loire Chenin Blanc,  is a great way to begin

a memorable gathering with old friends.

Mozzarella comes in many forms. The classic being pulled curd, packaged in whey, very moist and pliable. There are also some makers who prefer to press the curd rather than pull it. This style of mozzarella is similar to provolone in texture but more buttery in flavor. To call this cheese a mozzarella, might incite a variety of opinions from the turophiles at the table...understandably. But then, we're also messing with the tri-colorata caprese anyway, so be prepared.

To define a Pét Nat is simply this - sparkling wine. Pét Nats speak to the magic of the maker because no sugar or yeast is added to create its effervescent character. The maker has to rely on the natural sugars inherent in the chenin blanc grape to render its magic.


Makes 1


Any citrus fruit works for this caprese as the acidity balances the fat and flavors of the cheese and prosciutto.  I like using the ruby or pink grapefruit and, when in season, the blood orange. Have fun playing with the seasonal palate from the market.

1  ruby/pink grapefruit - sliced 1/2" thick

1 strawberry - cut in fourths

2 paper-thin slices of prosciutto

Pressed Mozzarella - brought to room temperature

{or Provolone will work too}

Edible flowers - bachelor buttons or pea shoots for decoration

A handful of Arugula

A sprig of Fennel


½ cup fresh squeezed lemon juice

½ cup of extra virgin olive oil

¼ cup of clear local honey


{Whisk until blended and emulsified – pour into a clean dressing bottle}

 salt and pepper - to taste


For each serving: {plate should be slightly chilled}


Slice the grapefruit across it's middle in 1/2" slices. Trim off the skin with a sharp knife {simply put the point of your knife next the flesh and the peel and cut around the perimeter - makes quick work of it}.  Cut the strawberries in fourths lengthwise. Slice the pressed Mozzarella in 1/2 thick match-stick slices. 

PLATING: Drizzle the plate with the vinaigrette. Place the grapefruit rounds around the plate,  accordion-fold the prosciutto and place at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock, follow with the mozzarella sticks and strawberries at random. In a separate bowl, toss the arugula with the vinaigrette, and mound in the center of the plate. Garnish with fennel sprig and flowers. Serve immediately.

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